Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Funny Attack of Twin Towers| Modern Twin Towers

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Inspiration about positive Thoughts

Let Your individual internal glow to direct You

Here comes a time once you have to stand by yourself.

You have to feel sure enough surrounded by
manually to pursue your own imaginings.

You have to be eager to build

You have to be capable of altering and reorganize your main concern so that your absolute target can be accomplished.

Occasionally, awareness and console require to be faced.

There are period while you have to obtain a little additional possibility and produce your own truth.

Live strong sufficient to at least attempt to create your life superior.

Be sure sufficient that you won't patch up for a cooperation immediately to find.

Value yourself by permit manually the chance to produce, expand, and
discover your true intelligence of reason in this life.

Don't set in somebody else's shade while it's your sunshine that must guide the method.


Thursday, May 27, 2010

Blu-Ray Disk

Blu-ray Disc (official acronym BD, erroneously also known as BR or Blu-ray) is an optical disc storage medium designed to supersede the standard DVD format. Its main uses are for storing high-definition video, PlayStation 3 video games, and other data, with up to 25 GB per single layered, and 50 GB per dual layered disc. Although these numbers represent the standard storage for Blu-ray Disc drives, the specification is open-ended, with the upper theoretical storage limit left unclear. 200 GB discs are available, and 100 GB discs are readable without extra equipment or modified firmware.[citation needed] The disc has the same physical dimensions as standard DVDs and CDs.

Sony/Philips started two projects applying the new diodes: UDO (Ultra Density Optical), and DVR Blue (together with Pioneer), a format of rewritable discs that would eventually become Blu-ray Disc (more specifically, BD-RE). The core technologies of the formats are essentially similar.

Mini Blu-ray Disc
The "Mini Blu-ray Disc" (also, "Mini-BD" and "Mini Blu-ray") is a compact 8 cm (~3 in)-diameter variant of the Blu-ray Disc that can store approximately 7.5 GB of data. It is similar in concept to the MiniDVD and MiniCD. Recordable (BD-R) and rewritable (BD-RE) versions of Mini Blu-ray Disc have been developed specifically for compact camcorders and other compact recording devices.
Blu-ray Disc recordable
Main article: Blu-ray Disc recordable

"Blu-ray Disc recordable" refers to two optical disc formats that can be recorded with an optical disc recorder. BD-Rs can be written to once, whereas BD-REs can be erased and re-recorded multiple times. The current practical maximum speed for Blu-ray Discs is about 12×. Higher speeds of rotation (10,000+ rpm) cause too much wobble for the discs to be read properly, as with the 20× and 52× maximum speeds, respectively, of standard DVDs and CDs.

Since September 2007, BD-RE is also available in the smaller 8 cm Mini Blu-ray Disc size.

On September 18, 2007, Pioneer and Mitsubishi codeveloped BD-R LTH ("Low to High" in groove recording), which features an organic dye recording layer that can be manufactured by modifying existing CD-R and DVD-R production equipment, significantly reducing manufacturing costs. In February 2008, Taiyo Yuden, Mitsubishi, and Maxell released the first BD-R LTH Discs, and in March 2008, Sony's PlayStation 3 gained official support for BD-R LTH Discs with the 2.20 firmware update. In May 2009 Verbatim/Mitsubishi announced the industry's first 6X BD-R LTH media, which allows recording a 25 GB disc in about 16 minutes.

Unlike the previous releases of 120 mm optical discs (i.e., CDs and standard DVDs), Blu-ray recorders hit the market almost simultaneously with Blu-ray's debut.

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Worst Formula 1 Accidents in History!

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Motor race accident - u ever seen!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Memory card

A memory card or flash memory card is a solid-state electronic flash memory data storage device used with digital cameras, handheld and Mobile computers, telephones, music players, video game consoles, and other electronics. They present high re-record-ability, power-free storage, small form factor, and rocky environmental specifications. There are also non-solid-state memory cards that do not use flash memory, and there are dissimilar types of flash memory.

There are many different types of memory cards and jobs they are used for. Some common places comprise in digital cameras, game consoles, cell phones, and industrial applications. PC card (PCMCIA) were among first commercial memory card formats (type I cards) to come out in the 1990s, but are now merely mainly used in industrial applications and for I/O jobs (using types I/II/III), as a connection normal for devices (such as a modem). Also in 1990s, a number of memory card formats smaller than PC Card came out, including CompactFlash, SmartMedia, and Miniature Card. In other areas, little embedded memory cards (SID) were used in cell phones, game consoles started using proprietary memory card formats, and devices like PDAs and digital music players started using detachable memory cards.

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Monday, November 24, 2008

Sports journalism

Sports journalism covers many aspects of human athletic competition, and is an essential part of most journalism products, including newspapers, magazines, and radio and television news broadcasts. While some critics don't think sports journalism to be true journalism, the prominence of sports in Western culture has necessary the attention of journalists to not just the spirited events in sports, but also to athletes and the business of sports.

Sports journalism in the United States has usually been written in a looser, more original and more opinionated tone than traditional journalistic writing; the emphasis on correctness and underlying fairness is still a part of sports journalism. An emphasis on the precise description of the statistical performances of athletes is also a significant part of sports journalism.

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