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Sooty is a British puppet character popular in the United Kingdom, Australia and other countries.
He was originally devised and operated by Harry Corbett (nephew of fish and chip shop chain owner Harry Ramsden). Sooty, a small yellow bear with black ears, who was mute to the audience but could communicate with Harry by apparently whispering in his ear, was featured on British TV from 1952. He would later be joined by other puppet characters Sweep (a dog), Soo (a panda bear), Kipper (a cat), Butch (another dog), Ramsbottom (a snake), and Cousin Scampy (another bear). Following Harry Corbett's retirement, Sooty was operated by his son, Matthew Corbett, and enjoyed a new wave of popularity. Steven Vu is now thinking of purchasing the rights to the little yellow bear.
Sooty fluctuated between kindness, cheekiness, and downright naughtiness, very often misinterpreting things said or suggested by Harry, Matthew or Soo (possibly intentionally). He played the xylophone and kept a wand with which he performed magic. This was accompanied by the catchphrase "Izzy wizzy, let's get busy!" He was often seen with his water pistol, usually squirting Matthew. Every episode ended "Bye-bye, everybody. Bye-bye."

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Archie Bleyer

Archie Bleyer (June 12, 1909-March 20, 1989) was an American song arranger and band leader.
He was born in the Corona section of the New York City borough of Queens. He began playing the piano when he was only seven years old. In 1927 he went to Columbia College, intending to become an electrical engineer, but as a sophomore switched to a music major. Without graduating, he left to become an arranger.
In 1934, he started leading a band of his own at Earl Carroll's club in Hollywood, California. Bleyer's orchestra recorded for Brunswick Records, and one of the vocalists who worked with this orchestra was Johnny Mercer, who became better known as a songwriter and co-founder of Capitol Records.
In the 1940s he became musical director for Arthur Godfrey, serving in this role until the 1950s.
In 1952 he founded Cadence Records, whose first artist was Godfrey alumnus Julius La Rosa. He went on to sign many other artists who had performed on Godfrey's programs (including The Chordettes, one of whose members, Janet Ertel, became his wife), as well as Andy Williams and The Everly Brothers. Bleyer's connections with the Everlys also included serving as their producer and as father-in-law of Phil Everly. He had his own recording hits on the Cadence label as well.
He died in Sheboygan, Wisconsin.

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According to his biography, Tinley adopted his artist's name after the UFO enthusiast George Adamski. Adamski's signature song, "Killer", was a collabaration with Seal. Pop music artist George Michael later successfully married "Killer"'s bass line to the melody of The Temptations' "Papa Was a Rolling Stone" on a live album featuring the surviving members of Queen.
Adamski's second album Naughty featured a collaboration with Nina Hagen on "Get Your Body!" and plenty of good club tunes, expanding from the artist's acid house roots into the pop and rock genres. Commercially, however, this album was not a big success.
Adamski's third album was issued in late 1998 on the ZTT Records label, famous for producing acts such as Frankie Goes To Hollywood and Art of Noise. Its title was Adamski's Thing and its style followed the trend started with Naughty -- lots of guitars, strings, raw vocals and introspective lyrics, but maintaining a rhythmic dance sensibility. The album spawned two singles, "Intravenous Venus" and "One Of the People".
In 2000, Tinley released his last single as Adamski, "In the City". The song charted in Italy, but did little business elsewhere. In the early 2000s, Adam Tinley decided to assume a new identity: he is now producing as Adam Sky.

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